Stay Discreet.

Frequently asked Questions:



Q: Is Discreet Crave a prostitution website?

A: Ofcourse not! Discreet Crave is an ADULT NETWORKING PLATFORM where like-minded adults can meet, connect, and skip all of the bullsh*t that comes with traditional networking platforms and dating websites. This website is in no way promoting any sort of illegal transactions and unlawful behavior. We want all of our users to have fun and be able to connect with individuals that have their same interests while keeping it 100% simple and discreet. 🙂


Q: If this website is non-registration, how to I access my listings?


A: You can access your listings through the link provided in the email that you listed on your posting.




Q: Do you have customer service or support?


A: Ofcourse! You can contact support at the "Contact Us" section, or email DiscreetCrave@gmail.com if you have any questions and one of our lovely support staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q: Do you guys have a privacy policy, terms & conditions page, & refund / cancellation policy?


A: Yes we do! Those documents can be found here.

"The Discreet Crave Project was created to provide a completely discreet and safe platform for users to browse and post escort, body rub, fetish, used clothing, and many other ads on an aesthetically pleasing classifieds formatted website while feeling confident and optimistic.

Our goal here at Discreet Crave is to take the old taboos of escorting, and activities beyond that, and revolutionize them while also revolutionizing the way that many perceive those who are involved such affairs.

Each and everyday, we as a collective are evolving to love and accept those around us despite our differences, and we at Discreet Crave are looking to dissolve the current stigmas in today's society and bring forth a more loving, accepting, and open-minded world for today's generation, and the generations to come".

- кαιтℓιи тιℓσттα -

Owner, Founder & CEO of Discreet Crave


Have fun connecting, and remember to stay discreet. 😉